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My CyncHealth

It’s your health data.

With My CyncHealth you can access and use it as you see fit.

My CyncHealth is coming soon, giving you the opportunity to have better access to your health information.

Sign up now to be the first to find out when the My CyncHealth portal is available. When My CyncHealth is live, you’ll receive an email to sign up and get secure access to your health information*.


Take Control with My CyncHealth

Medication History

No fumbling through pill bottles – your complete medication list at your fingertips.

Lab Results

See what your doctor sees and gain a clear understanding of what results mean for your health.

Immunization Record

Keeping track of shots is a pain. Now all your history is in hand when you need it.

Social & Community Resources & Referrals

Your overall health is more than trips to see your doctor. Get connected to resources to help address other aspects of life that affect your well-being, like food, housing, and financial assistance.

*Must be 18 years old or older to register for My CyncHealth, due to existing identity verification requirements. There may be an administrative cost associated with identity verification. There is no cost associated with being notified of My CyncHealth’s release.