Nebraska Health Information Exchange

Why CyncHealth?


  • Quicker access to lab and radiology results
  • Streamlined access to patient histories
  • Ability to access patient data outside the clinical setting
  • Improved physician referral processes
  • Reduced administrative burden

Health Care Providers:

  • Improved efficiency of care
  • Reduced admission times
  • Comprehensive medication history information
  • Improvements in health care delivery
  • Quicker access to test results
  • Reduced administrative burden resulting from work flow efficiencies


  • Decreased absenteeism resulting from healthier, more engaged and informed employees
  • Reduced medical premium costs through increased preventive care and fewer hospital admissions
  • Aggregated health information to identify at-risk populations
  • Reduced administrative and overhead costs


  • Improved process efficiency with the ability to send and receive electronic test results
  • Reduced administrative and overhead cost


  • Reduced adverse drug events when medication history can be reviewed
  • Responsive customer service with the ability to review online patient authorizations
  • Transparent transfer of prescriptions from one pharmacy to another
  • Reduced administrative burden from improvements in work flow due to electronic receipt of prescriptions, refills and renewals
  • Fraud reduction
  • Improved monitoring of controlled substances
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Why the HIE?


CyncHealth provides for seamless access for clinicians to information that is agnostic to health system, EHR vendor or payer.

CyncHealth enables clinicians to query health records from data sharing facilities to find information on a patient, in near real time, enhancing the workflow delivery of safe, effective, high quality care.

CyncHealth is a secure method to access health information via a web-based portal or integrated link in the medical record via single sign on. CyncHealth provides access to health information without the barriers clinicians and patients may have experienced in the past.

The accessibility of CyncHealth replaces paper communication with more efficient electronic means, helping reduce test duplication and potential for errors.

Information that may be obtained includes, but is not limited to:

  • medications
  • allergies
  • lab results
  • radiology reports
  • other test results and transcription

Single Sign On (SSO)

Saving time and increasing security with a single sign-on.

Single Sign-On lets an individual use one unique login ID/password combination to access multiple systems or networks. These systems and networks establish trust with each other so that someone can log in to one trusted network, and quickly enter other trusted systems and networks without having to log in repeatedly.

Single Sign-On increases security by simplifying a user’s access and reducing the overall number of identities a participant must manage. The primary goal is to establish a single trusted identity and set of attributes that can be used by an individual or service between trusted data sharing organizations. To enroll or learn more about Single Sign-On, contact us as

Direct Secure Messaging

Direct Secure Messaging is a critical tool for providers in Nebraska. It improves their ability to more efficiently collaborate and coordinate care for their patients. Direct messaging, often called “Direct” for short, is a platform that allows a healthcare provider to securely send (or receive) patient information to another specified health care provider. Information is sent over the Internet in an encrypted, secure way and is commonly compared to sending or receiving a secure email. CyncHealth offers Health Information Service Provider (HISP) services. HISP service allows Direct messages to be securely transported from one provider to another provider.

Public Health Reporting

CyncHealth has partnered with Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services-Public Health to provide an option to hospitals and providers in Nebraska seeking to submit syndromic surveillance, laboratory and immunization data. If you are interested in exploring ways to reduce the administrative allocation of reporting and maintaining multiple data feeds for public health reporting, please contact CyncHealth at

CyncHealth’s strategic priorities are aligned to reduce the burden of reporting for Eligible Hospitals and Eligible Providers have several ways to meet CMS Promoting Interoperability (Meaningful Use) requirements. As a CyncHealth participant, there are options for Promoting Interoperability (Meaningful Use) requirements can be met through CyncHealth infrastructure and data sharing participation.

For more information on how CyncHealth is partnering with public health, CMS and other payers to report data, please contact

Joining CyncHealth

To have access to the comprehensive health information available in CyncHealth, health systems or individual health providers will need to have a signed participation agreement and fill out a CyncHealth User Access Request Form. You can obtain a copy of the most current Participation Agreement by contacting our support desk at

What if the facility I am employed by already participates in CyncHealth?

Once a participation agreement has been signed, the next step to access is the CyncHealth User Access Request Form. Depending on the level of access requested, the administrative process for a new user id and password could take as long as 2 weeks. Once we receive your request, you will be contacted to complete the online training for access.

How do I know if I am covered under a site license agreement?

Please email CyncHealth at to check if you have a user ID on record with CyncHealth or to obtain the name of your facility point of contact that manages the user access request process at your CyncHealth participating entity. Those entities with established participation in CyncHealth have designated individuals to approve requests to access CyncHealth.

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