CyncHealth Advisors

Data-driven healthcare consulting and analytics.

Expertise and intelligence that helps you deliver better care.

Who are the advisors?

CyncHealth Advisors is a team of leading experts in healthcare and data science who came together to help design and build the CyncHealth health data utility (HDU). Leveraging the HDU’s robust data lake, the Advisors support CyncHealth participants to analyze trends in utilization, determine appropriate care management strategies, enable effective review to detect and mitigate fraud, waste and abuse, and more effectively direct funding to high-value care initiatives.

How we help.


The Advisors team is available to support unique requests from HDU participants and other organizations such as:


These are paid consulting arrangements for projects that fall outside the scope of HDU participation like:


Our team of experts offers consulting for infrastructure, initiatives, and programs to help you deliver better care.

  • Payers
  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Government agencies
  • Other HIEs
  • Employers
  • Quality initiatives
  • Other ad hoc/custom reporting
  • Determine the right questions to ask to facilitate your unique project
  • Decide which data to analyze to support your project
  • Analyze the data and deliver it in the right format for your needs


The Advisors are also available to consult with other HIE and HDU organizations across the country to help them replicate the success of CyncHealth. CyncHealth has 1,100 connected facilities supporting 5 million patient lives with comprehensive data.