Empowering communities to improve health and reduce disparities.

The Midwest Institute for Community Health (MICH) engages stakeholders in evidence-based community projects that optimize health and wellbeing.

Building a foundation for success.

Midwest Institute for Community Health collaborates with health systems, government agencies, and community organizations to enhance sustainable community health programs. Our objective is to optimize health services, reduce disparities, and improve program impact across the Midwest by leveraging resources, financial support, and data insights. As an experienced neutral convener, we prioritize and support strategic community health efforts.

Expertise for healthier lives.

With decades of experience, our skilled team excels in maximizing health program returns.

We specialize in various areas, including social determinants of health, community health, population health, performance improvement, health policy, and social marketing.

Beyond financial support, we actively engage with communities by convening stakeholders, managing grant programs, conducting needs assessments, evaluating public health initiatives, enabling programs, providing training, and facilitating strategic planning efforts.

Investing for a brighter future.

Maternal Child Health

Rural Health

Aging and Illness

Behavioral Health

Health opportunities, partnerships and empowerment


We collaborate with local and national organizations to establish sustainable pathways for community health projects, incorporating capital campaigns, annual giving, donations, and grants. Additionally, we streamline efforts with communities, public health agencies, and health systems to minimize duplication and align services with sustainable funding sources.


We enhance community health and quality of life through program partnerships, financial support, guidance, data assets, and systems insights. Our approach involves convening, educating, strategizing, and evaluating programs to address community needs and sustain health improvements over time.


Education, facilitated by MICCH, promotes health improvement by enhancing understanding of health challenges, fostering cross-system collaboration, providing data insights, and addressing upstream and downstream health impacts.