Your health data, your rights.

Your health data, your rights.

What is CyncHealth?

CyncHealth is a health data utility (HDU). CyncHealth operates a secure, electronic health information exchange (HIE) in Iowa and Nebraska. An HIE is a way of instantly sharing health information among authorized participating healthcare providers. The goal of HDUs is to facilitate access to and retrieval of clinical data to provide safe, more timely, efficient, effective, equitable, patient-centered care.

For example, if you’re taken to an emergency room after a serious accident, and you’re unable to clearly communicate your medical information, the doctors or nurses can use the CyncHealth system to make sure you’re not allergic to a medication they’re about to give you and review recent lab results or see information about your recent hospital encounters.

You have the right to opt out of participation in CyncHealth.

Opting out means your participating healthcare provider cannot view your Protected Health Information (PHI) through CyncHealth, subject to the exceptions listed on the opt out request form. You can opt back in any time.

Nebraska Opt In/Out (English)

Formularios de Inscripción y Exclusión de Nebraska (Español/Spanish)

Iowa Opt In/Out (English)

Formularios de Participación y Exclusión de Iowa (Español/Spanish)

What you need to know about sharing health information.

Nebraska Patient Brochure (english)
Iowa Patient Brochure (english)

Your health info.

Privacy Policy

At CyncHealth, we understand your privacy is important. We take every necessary precaution to keep your health information secure and protected. Your information is protected by HIPAA. This privacy rule gives you rights and sets limits on how your medical information can be shared with other organizations.

Moreover, we have layers of added security and safeguards in place to ensure your personal information is not accessed by unauthorized individuals or entities.

Participating healthcare providers may share information about you through CyncHealth that they believe is vital knowledge for your other healthcare providers. CyncHealth may have access to electronic health records from your doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies. Providers may share your test results, radiology images, notes, or other information about your care. They may also share a summary containing critical health information.

If your healthcare provider shares information with or views information in CyncHealth, they must inform you through their Notice of Privacy Practices; a document you receive upon appointment check-ins.

CyncHealth follows all federal and state laws including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and will only share your data for the following purposes:

  • Treatment: Each treating physician will be able to access another treating physician’s electronic records to better treat you.
  • Payment: Information may be sent to healthcare payers for payment of treatment you receive.
  • Public Health: Information may also be sent to the Health Department if required by law, such as immunization information for children, healthcare treatment, operations, payment, quality improvement, public health, and research. We do not share any of your information for marketing purposes.
  • Healthcare operations as defined under HIPAA in 45 CFR 164.501; and Research purposes. In certain circumstances your information in either a deidentified format or limited data set may be used for any systematic investigation (including research development, testing, and evaluation) that has as its primary purpose the development of, or contribution to, generalizable knowledge.
  • We do not share any of your information for marketing or fundraising purposes.

We understand the importance of data governance and have established, through education, policies, and accountabilities, an organizational culture that ensures data is secure, reliable, and available only to those who are authorized to have access to it. The protected, secure health information is governed by multiple internal, state, and federal governance processes to ensure any use or disclosure complies with all applicable privacy and security rules, as well as CyncHealth’s contractual obligations.

Your rights.

State and federal laws give you specific rights about your health data and whether it is shared through CyncHealth. You have the right to:

Request a list of participants who have viewed your healthcare information or contributed health information to your record through the CyncHealth system. To make the request, download the PDF:

Patient Audit Request Form – English
Patient Audit Request Form – Spanish

Report an Incident or Complaint

If you are aware of a privacy or security incident impacting patient health records managed in the CyncHealth system, an ethical violation, or a violation of the Information Blocking Rule you have the right to inform CyncHealth at or file a complaint report anonymously using ComplianceLine and we will investigate and respond.

Opting Out of CyncHealth.

If you do NOT want CyncHealth to share your health information, you can opt-out of CyncHealth at any time and your health information will not be available in the event of an emergency. Opting out will remove your information from viewing by providers participating in the HIE except for your name, address, and opt-out status. It will not affect what your doctors have access to in electronic medical records on their system, and it will not be a condition to receiving care. Opting out does not preclude any participating organization that has received or accessed personal health information via the HIE prior to such opt-out, and incorporated such personal health information into its records, from retaining such information in its records.

Exceptions are listed on the opt-out request form.

How Do I Opt-Out?

Opting out of the CyncHealth HIE network is easy. You need to download the opt-out request form and follow the directions on the form to complete and return the form to CyncHealth.


Your medical information can be digitally shared across the healthcare network. Having your information included in the health information exchange can help healthcare providers deliver better care and could save your life.

In an emergency, medical professionals can use the HIE to instantly access your important health records, including allergies, medications and medical conditions. This information helps doctors provide better care, and in some cases, may help save lives.

The HIE can also reduce healthcare costs by eliminating unnecessary duplication of tests and procedures. For example, if a doctor can look up a recent blood test and view the results on the computer, a new test won’t be needed because the doctor has all the information needed to proceed. This also helps you avoid the hassle, discomfort, and additional out-of-pocket costs that may be associated with medical tests.

Click here to view a list of Nebraska participating healthcare providers and health plan payors. Click here to view a list of Iowa participating healthcare providers.
Yes please download, complete, and return the opt-in request form.


Iowa Patient Brochure (English)

Iowa Patient Brochure (Spanish)

Nebraska Patient Brochure (English)

Nebraska Patient Brochure (Spanish)

Social Care Needs

Recognizing that sharing social needs can be uncomfortable, leading to unmet vital needs, CyncHealth and community partners have established a self-referral system.

If social needs like housing, transportation, food, or job insecurity are affecting your health, or if you know someone in need, access assistance through the self-referral link below.

Patient Info Request Form.

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