We meet health data needs for the state and region through a public-private partnership.

We meet health data needs for the state and region through a public-private partnership.

Our model, governed by stakeholders, ensures secure connectivity and interoperability. Collaborating with public health and Medicare/Medicaid, we streamline information sharing, enhancing efficiency and informed decision-making across the health ecosystem.

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At CyncHealth, we’re committed to improving individual and population health outcomes.

Our team plays a key role in building healthy communities through our commitment to advancing interoperability, enabling data democratization, fostering economic value, and establishing a health data utility.

Our Services

Health Information Exchange


(Event Notification System)


CyncHealth enhances patient care and health outcomes by improving provider coordination through instant access to comprehensive health information, ensuring smooth transitions and effective management of chronic conditions and medications.

CyncHealth’s event notifications service (ENS) provides real-time updates to support timely, accurate care for at-risk patients, ensuring compliance with CMS mandates, reducing readmissions, and improving health outcomes through enhanced care coordination.

CyncHealth’s Nebraska Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) tracks all prescription drugs, providing clinicians with a comprehensive medication history to improve patient care, reduce errors, enhance workflow efficiency, and ensure compliance with state and federal laws.

Social Care Referral Platform

HISP Direct Secure Messaging

Data Quality Reporting

CyncHealth’s closed loop referrals platform (CLRP) solution, powered by Unite Us, connects healthcare with social care, enabling providers to address social determinants of health (SDOH), screen for needs, refer patients to local services, track outcomes, and strengthen collaboration with community partners to improve health equity and support vulnerable patients.

CyncHealth provides Direct Secure Messaging (DSM) services, utilizing the Direct Standard™ for secure health information exchange between healthcare entities, offering a Webport solution at no extra cost and a DirectXDR integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR) for an additional annual fee.

As a CMS Quasi-Qualified Entity and a participant in other quality certification programs, CyncHealth provides a variety of quality reporting services for participants.

Participant resources

Participant Resources

In response to evolving regulations and advancements in interoperability in healthcare, CyncHealth has revised its Participation Agreement to ensure compliance and readiness for industry progress.

Governing Principles & Policies

CyncHealth has undergone a significant revision of its Data Sharing Participant Agreement (PA), streamlining its Governing Principles and Policies to enhance participant understanding and compliance.

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Data Sharing Participation Agreements.