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CyncHealth & Partners Seek Omaha Metro CBO to Address Maternal & Infant Health Issues

Unfortunately, today there are mothers and their infants in our communities that do not have adequate nutrition, safe housing, or access to high-quality healthcare and/or education.

Imagine a future in which every mother and child have the resources they need for a bright future?

This future is not far off- this can be achieved through community-based organizations (CBOs) sharing the common goal of improving maternal and infant health through aligned resources, shared data, and tracked outcomes.

CyncHealth is committed to improving our community and addressing root causes of poor maternal and infant health outcomes. Together we can reduce disparities in perinatal outcomes, such as differential access to prenatal care, preterm birth and low birthweight, by leveraging community health workers and aligning financial resources.

Enter Pathways Community HUB Institute.

We’d like to invite CBOs to join us on May 19 at 2 PM CDT to learn about the Pathways Community HUB InstituteSM Model, an evidence-based, outcomes focused model for improving health outcomes.

CyncHealth is working with a host of other committed organizations, including but not limited to:

  • Managed Care Organizations
  • Health systems
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • The Douglas County Health Department

to implement the Pathways Community HUB InstituteSM Model in the Omaha-metro area.

Along with these partners, the group is seeking a CBO to serve at risk mothers and infants.

The Pathways Community HUB Core team is looking for CBOs to serve as the Pathways Community HUB Entity. The ideal organization is:

  • Based in the Omaha metro area
  • Does not employ community health workers
  • Must be committed to addressing health disparities among low-income pregnant and postpartum people

Following the May 19 webinar, interested CBOs are invited to apply for a $1 million grant to launch the Omaha metro area’s first Pathways Community HUB. Register now and see flyer attached

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Interested in learning more about the work CyncHealth is doing to address social determinants of health? Contact Dr. Joy Doll at

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