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Health Data Utility Model Showcased at Conference

Health data comes from many different sources. Healthcare entities, risk-bearing entities, and others need this data in different forms, for different purposes.

Health information exchanges are addressing this need through the next generation of HIEs – health data utilities (HDUs).

This was the topic of a recent panel at the 2021 SHIEC Annual Conference. President and CEO, Dr. Jaime Bland, RN-BC, participated and shared how CyncHealth is supporting the broader healthcare industry through its pioneering HDU efforts.

David Raths wrote at Healthcare Innovation:

[Bland] said her organization is trying to facilitate the last mile in those states [Iowa and Nebraska]. “When the provider opens up their EHR, the data is there, much like when you flip your light switch, the lights go on,” she said. “That narrative has been an acceptable way to explain why this is important, even before COVID. We’ve had a lot of success in our region, with the utility model, and explaining that your use case might be secure messaging, the next one might be for value-based care, and the next one might just be for query. And we meet all of those needs. That’s really what a utility does.”

As Dr. Bland mentioned, we have been promoting the HDU model throughout Iowa, Nebraska, and beyond.

Below is our infographic the HDU framework.

Illustrate the basic framework for how a health data utility functions.

The team at CyncHealth looks forward to serving more participants in Iowa, Nebraska, and beyond through this model and continuing to innovate with them, and for them, into the future.

Read Rath’s terrific full article here: HIEs Seeing More Reasons for States to Treat Them as Utilities.

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