My CyncHealth Featured in Healthcare Innovation

My CyncHealth Featured in Healthcare Innovation

March 25, 2022

We are committed to democratizing health data and placing ownership back in the hands of the individuals.  

Yesterday, we announced that we will provide Nebraskans access to their health data through My CyncHealth, a web-based application that brings an individual’s health information from multiple providers into one place to be accessed and used as they see fit.

David Raths, Healthcare Innovation, wrote about our My CyncHealth announcement.

We think Raths framed our efforts to democratize health data well, when he wrote

Health information exchanges haven’t yet played a central role in providing patients a unified view of their health data across provider organizations. But nonprofit Nebraska HIE CyncHealth is out to change that.

David Raths, Healthcare Innovation,

As Dr. Jaime Bland, CyncHealth President & CEO, put it, “[H]ealth data belongs to the patient – the data only exists because of the individual and is collected to serve the patient experience and outcome.”

We look forward to sharing more about My CyncHealth as we get closer to the release.

You can find David Raths’ full article here.

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