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Press Release: CyncHealth Among First in New NCQA DAV Program


CyncHealth Is Among First to Earn Validated Data Stream Designation in New NCQA Data Aggregator Validation Program

Validated Data Flows Promote Trust, Support Value-Based Contracting, Ease Quality Measurement Loads

La Vista, NE, 1/6/2021 – The need and desire to make data-driven decisions is real and present in health care. All members of the healthcare ecosystem agree that data is foundational and not a nicety. In this environment data quality is more important than ever. 

CyncHealth, Nebraska’s health data utility, is at the forefront of driving data quality. 

CyncHealth is proud to announce that it earned the Validated Data Stream designation in the new National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Data Aggregator Validation (DAV) program and is part of the first NCQA cohort to voluntarily seek and earn the new NCQA validation. 

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NCQA’s Data Aggregator Validation program evaluates clinical data streams to help ensure that health plans, providers, government organizations and others can trust the accuracy of aggregated clinical data.

“NCQA’s Data Aggregator Validation program helps identify clinical data that can be trusted and sets a high bar for how the data are managed,” said NCQA President, Margaret E. O’Kane. “We are excited that organizations like CyncHealth are working to improve trust in clinical data and help ensure the data’s accuracy and broader usability.”    

As a Validated Data Stream, CyncHealth will assist health plans reduce the burden of data collection and ensure data accuracy of health data being used for Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) reporting and other quality programs. 

“Earning the NCQA DAV Validated Data Stream designation is a great accomplishment for CyncHealth – more importantly, it is a great asset to the Nebraska health care community,” stated Dr. Jaime Bland, CyncHealth President and CEO. “Our clinical data stream passed a rigorous validation process from NCQA to help ensure data accuracy, which benefits health plans, providers, and other members on the Nebraska community.” 

NCQA validates one or more clusters of clinical data that are ingested, processed and ultimately output as CCD files. NCQA evaluates data streams from the point of ingestion through output of CCD files, ensuring that standards and protocols are met and that the information provided from the original source accurately reflects that reported for use as standard supplemental data for HEDIS® or for other quality programs.

More information on the DAV program can be found here.

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About CyncHealth 

CyncHealth’s mission is to bring trust and value to health information technology by creating solutions for moving health data forward. CyncHealth is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a public/private governance model that includes health care providers, payers, and the State of Nebraska. CyncHealth is the designated statewide Health Information Exchange designed to share clinical and administrative data among providers in Nebraska and neighboring states. CyncHealth’s purpose is to achieve health care transformation through community betterment collaboration while protecting the security and privacy of medical information. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

About NCQA

NCQA is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health care quality. NCQA Accredits and Certifies a wide range of health care organizations. It also Recognizes clinicians and practices in key areas of performance. NCQA’s Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) is the most widely used performance measurement tool in health care. NCQA’s website ( contains information to help consumers, employers and others make informed health care choices. NCQA can also be found on Twitter, on Facebook and on LinkedIn. Contact if you have questions related to press releases.

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