SDOH Data Sharing Challenges can be Overcome

SDOH Data Sharing Challenges can be Overcome

January 18, 2022


Building social care networks is worthwhile and not easy. The conversations around data sharing and its complexities proliferate.

A recent article by Walker, et al. (reported on by EHR Intelligence) describes the challenges for community-based organizations (CBOs) around data sharing and the regulations with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Work by CBOs does not typically fall under HIPAA, but it might as part of a social care network if they are partnering with a health system.

Building social care networks takes collaboration and constant education for all involved – in this case, as to when HIPAA will impact CBOs in the network.

Data sharing challenges can be overcome. We’re sure the teams in Ohio will be successful.

Here’s how we are doing it with our partners in the Great Plains.

Data sharing in social care networks

We focus on building a social care network that connects data in a centralized repository (our natural go to as a health data utility).

Health systems and covered entities agree to data share and receive access to the social care network as part of their participant agreement.

CBOs join the network at no cost and receive access to their data.

Success hinges on:

  1. Cross-sector partnerships between us, our technology partner Unite Us (a closed loop referral system), and the local 2-1-1 to assist with social care navigation
  2. Everyone following USCDI data standards through the technology platform

Our health data utility infrastructure aims to support CBOs by providing products that are fully compliant and aligned with HIPAA standards, as well as providing educational resources.

It’s Doable, We can Help

Yet, the Walker, et al. article’s sentiment resonates.

Discussions on HIPAA and building out a robust social care network includes not only technology and data infrastructure, but also education, change management, and the role human factors play.

Additionally, partnership development is critical to open up these discussions in order to develop solution-oriented approaches.

But it can be done! We’d love to talk with you about it. Contact us here.

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