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Governing Principles and Policies

CyncHealth policies & procedures

A simplified and transparent view of our current policies.

The Governing Principles and Policies (Policies) supplement and are incorporated into our Data Sharing Participant Agreement (PA).

Before this revision, the PA referred to these Policies as the CyncHealth Policies and Procedures and CyncHealth provided its own internal Security and Privacy Policies when a participant asked to review the CyncHealth Policies and Procedures. After reviewing the policies and procedures provided to participants, we concluded a revision was necessary. As a result, the revision retains and expands upon key privacy topics while significantly reducing the length of the previous version to provide better and more efficient content for our Participants to review and understand their responsibilities when interacting with the CyncHealth System and Services.

The goal with this revision was to remove redundancies, update the Policies to reflect any changes in laws (like Information Blocking and the Cures Act), and revise the Policies as needed to reflect the current practices of CyncHealth.

Major changes include creating a new “No Information Blocking Policy” and “Individual Rights to Access to Health Information Policy” to comply with changes in the law and a revision to the “Opt-Out Policy”.  Our former process did not attempt to verify the identification of the requestor and did not disclose the significance of the opt-out decision or list the common exceptions regarding opt-out.  The revised opt-out process verifies the identity of the requestor through the use of a newly designed opt-out form available from the CyncHealth website that lists common exceptions on the form and also requires a notarized signature of the requestor.

To assist you, we have included links to:

  • A current (clean) version of the revised Policy; and
  • A marked version that includes internal comments of CyncHealth staff and may help clarify the reason for major edits. In some cases, large sections were either moved to another location within the Policy or consolidated into another section which the comments will reflect.