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CyncHealth Foundation

Funding programs to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges

Your opportunity to truly impact healthcare delivery and the people who need it most.

Building a foundation for success

Data is everywhere in healthcare. In fact, there is more data than we know what do with. Because we struggle to analyze, interpret, and use the data we have, we also struggle to reduce costs and improve outcomes. We need better tools to understand healthcare data, and an able workforce ready to make it meaningful, if we are going to address healthcare’s biggest challenges. That’s where donors like you, and the CyncHealth Foundation, come in.

doctor consulting patient

Universal access for healthier lives

It’s an all-too-common story in healthcare. Bob Is an elderly patient with multiple health conditions. He lives in a rural community with a clinic and critical access hospital. He sees specialists at a health system two hours away. His doctor referred him for a procedure at the hospital, after which he was sent to skilled nursing and then later sent home with a referral to see his specialist. At each step along the way he was sent with a paper discharge summary and each provider had to hope the next provider would get the information they needed to ensure the best care for Bob.

Inevitably there were disconnects and missed opportunities and Bob was readmitted before he ever made it to the specialist. The system doesn’t have the universal access to Bob’s data or the visibility into the process to find ways to help Bob experience better outcomes. The Foundation is on a path to change that to help people live healthier lives and reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone.

Investing for a brighter future

Areas of Focus

The Foundation focuses your contributions on four key areas:

  • Workforce development
  • Data-driven research and decision-making
  • Population health and healthcare disparities
  • Improving clinical quality and outcomes

Current Programs

The Foundation is currently supporting these ongoing programs:

  • Population health endowed chairs
  • Endowed work study programs
  • Endowed provider education funds