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CyncHealth Foundation

Funding programs to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges

Your opportunity to truly impact healthcare delivery and the people who need it most.

Building a foundation for success

Data is everywhere in healthcare. In fact, there is more data than we know what do with. Because we struggle to analyze, interpret, and use the data we have, we also struggle to reduce costs and improve outcomes. We need better tools to understand healthcare data, and an able workforce ready to make it meaningful, if we are going to address healthcare’s biggest challenges. That’s where donors like you, and the CyncHealth Foundation, come in. 

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Universal access for healthier lives

CynchHealth Foundation, dba Midwest Institute for Community and Citizen Health–MICCH is a non-profit organization dedicated to healthcare philanthropy through community convening and data informed community activities. MICCH identifies, collaborates, and tackles healthcare challenges with community and health system partners. MICCH supports programs focused on population health, clinical quality, health equity, and public health with data, specialized expertise, and financial support. 

2024 Call for Proposals Period Closed

At this time, the Foundation has closed the Call for Proposals and notified all applicants of receipt of documents or additional needs. If you submitted a proposal but did not receive an acknowledgment, please contact

Our team will begin reviewing the proposals and we respond to all submissions with outcome notifications.

Thank you for the interest in supporting our communities and partnership with the Foundation.

Investing for a brighter future

Philanthropic Partnership

MICCH partners with local and national philanthropic organizations aimed to create a sustainable path for projects focused on healthcare delivery and population health. This may include capital campaigns, annual giving, donations/gifts, and grants. MICCH also works with communities, public health agencies, and health systems to reduce duplicative work and align services and programs to funding sources.

Community Activities

MICCH engages with community partners with the aim to improve quality of life in urban and rural neighborhoods, communities, and cities through program partnership and provides financial support, guidance and data assets, and sharing insights for policy and systems change. MICCH strives to support community needs through convening, educating, strategizing, and evaluating relevant programs and reinforcing community health improvements over time.

Community Health Education

Educational activities drive health improvement through better understanding of health challenges, cross system collaboration, data insights, and up and downstream health impacts. The diverse experts available through MICCH reinforce best-practices, create new insights, and convene organizations focused on health improvement. Education is offered in a variety of formats, and capable of adapting to specific individual, organization, or community needs. This low cost, high reward approach offers a generalizable approach to varied situations and problems while ensuring reach to often under engaged, but critical members of the extended care team.