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At CyncHealth, we believe your health data should follow you, no matter where you seek care, so that your providers have access to the entire picture of your health to make more informed decisions that are right for you.

CyncHealth securely shares patient health information among an individual’s physicians, care providers, pharmacists, and others along the care journey.

By sharing this information, health care providers have access to information about a patient’s past and current care without the patient having to be responsible for remembering and communicating all the relevant specifics: their primary care provider has visibility to lab work that was done at another care site, the urgent care clinic knows what medications have been prescribed to the patient, their pharmacists can spot potential medication conflicts, and when seconds matter most, the ER doctor can view a longitudinal health history to determine the best emergency care.

HIT Board

The Health Information Technology Board (HIT Board), established by Nebraska Revised Statute 81-6,127, is an advisory board to CyncHealth Nebraska, as the designated statewide health information exchange, comprised of seventeen members from a variety of specialty areas in health care and health care information.

The HIT Board is responsible for establishing criteria for the collection and disbursement of health data reported to CyncHealth and the PDMP and ensuring that the exchange of such data and information meets technological standards, assisting in providing the oversight necessary to ensure the information collected is only accessed, used, or disclosed in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and other privacy protection policies.

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QCDR Transportation Insecurity Report

QCDR Transportation Insecurity Report