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Nebraska healthcare Collaborative

Bridging the gap between data and healthcare

Cultivating collaborative, informed, and innovative solutions to transform healthcare.

Nebraska Healthcare Collaborative

The Nebraska Healthcare Collaborative is a nonprofit organization focused on improving the health of populations through research, quality improvement and program evaluation. As a thought leader in population health, we bridge the gap between data and insights driving alignment of research, policy, and practice.

Submit a project

Download the manuals and watch the video to get guidance for submitting a project proposal to our Healthcare Collaborative.

Collaboration and Diversity are Fundamental

Addressing complex problems and societal issues requires collaboration across sectors and industries. We value diverse expertise, and strive to engage our collaborators to tackle challenges and develop solutions related to population health.


If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at

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Building the health data competent workforce

The Collaborative further fosters population health insights through sponsorship of two Endowed Chair positions at large academic medical centers and Partnership with interdisciplinary teams of researchers focused on regional health improvement.

The Collaborative offers a variety of services.

Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is a systematic process for collecting data, analyzing outcomes, and demonstrating the effectiveness of a program. The approach varies based on the type of program and evaluation needs. The Collaborative can support data needs such as demographic, social care, or health data or match with organizational, operational, administrative program data or patient self-report data. Our expertise and data repositories support organizations in achieving these requirements, while minimizing internal staff burden and duplicative data collection.

Research Support

The Collaborative can support qualitative or quantitative research, which informs healthcare delivery and potentially aligns practices and policies. We support researchers by consulting on methodology, extracting and providing data sets, and guiding interpretation of outcomes. We value the dissemination of research findings through presentations, publications, and educational discussions, and ultimately encourage data informed decisions for community betterment.

Consultation & Technical Assistance

The Collaborative’s multidisciplinary team of experts offer sound guidance through a combination of industry leading training and lived experience. Our SMEs have years of experience and use a variety of methods to facilitate communication and advance knowledge for implementation, operations, and infrastructure.  CyncHealth can assist in building program capacity without the expensive overhead of onboarding specialized employees. We ensure successful execution of a program through infrastructure development, documentation management, intervention design/implementation, and transition and sustainability approaches.

Educational Presentations

Education is a core element of effective health care delivery. The Collaborative offers a variety of educational campaigns for beginners, intermediate learners, and experts. While we offer many pre-recorded sessions at no cost, we can develop\custom learning sessions based on specific topics or needs upon request.

Facilitating projects

Data exists in many forms and from many sources in today’s healthcare landscape. Addressing current challenges requires turning disparate data into actionable information. We design and implement projects using data from comprehensive and reliable data sources and facilitate cross-sector collaborations to study and propose solutions to improve population health.

Projects fall into three categories: research, quality improvement, and program evaluation. De-identified and limited data can be requested from our three data utilities, which are the health information exchange, prescription drug monitoring plan, and the social determinants of health platform. There is data from a range of participating organizations, including:

County Health
e-Health Exchange

Medicaid & medicare
Commercial payers

Social care
Food bank
Foster care
Community health
Community care
Public health department

Acute care hospitals
Critical access hospitals
Academic medical centers
Community hospitals
Surgical & specialty hospitals

Primary care clinics
Specialty care clinics
Urgent care

Imaging centers
Laboratory hub
Physical therapy
Behavioral health

Engaging the community

Building a health data competent workforce also requires spreading the word to the healthcare community about the many opportunities that exist to work with our Healthcare Collaborative. We meet with students and present at events around the country. You can submit a request to our speaker’s bureau here.

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