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HIT Board

Nebraska Health Information Technology (HIT) Board

Improving the quality and collection of Nebraska’s healthcare data.

About the HIT Board

In 2020, the Nebraska Legislature passed LB 1183, the Population Health Information Act. This included the creation of the Nebraska Health Information Technology (HIT) Board. The Board is composed of seventeen members who are appointed by the Governor and then confirmed by the Legislature. The majority of members on the Board are credentialed healthcare providers, enabling them to use their clinical experience and expertise to make the most informed decisions about the health data that they help govern.

As the statutorily designated statewide health information exchange, CyncHealth is tasked in statute to administer the HIT Board.

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The purpose of the HIT Board is to:

  • Establish criteria for data collection and disbursement by the statewide health information exchange and the prescription drug monitoring program to improve the quality of information provided to clinicians;
  • Evaluate and ensure that the statewide health information exchange is meeting technological standards for reporting of data for the prescription drug monitoring program, including the data to be collected and reported and the frequency of data collection and disbursement;
  • Provide the governance oversight necessary to ensure that any health information in the statewide health information exchange and the prescription drug monitoring program may be accessed, used, or disclosed only in accordance with the privacy and security protections set forth in HIPAA;
  • Provide recommendations to the statewide health information exchange on any other matters referred to the board.

For more information, the Population Health Information Act & the enacting statutes can be found beginning here.

View the upcoming HIT board meeting agenda here

View the Waiver From Participation due to technological burden here

HIT Board Roster

Senator John Arch

Chair of HHS Committee

NE Legislature, ex-officio

Kevin Bagley

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

Payor Representative

Manuela Banner

Memorial Community Hospital

Hospital CEO

Jessika Benes

Mid Plains Mobile Vet

Aimee Black

Nebraska Total Care

PDMP Delegate

Dr. Jaime Bland


HIE Representative

Dr. Anna Dalrymple

Gothenburg Clinic

Family Practice Physician

Lynn Edwards

Gothenburg Health

HIM Representative

Dr. Douglass Haas

UNMC College of Nursing – Kearney Division
Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Kimberley Haynes-Henson


Pain Medicine Physician

Dr. Monalisa Mcgee-Baratta

Salvation Army

Substance Abuse Professional

Ashley Newmyer

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

DHHS Representative

Dr. Stephen Salzbrenner

UNMC College of Nursing

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Senator John Stinner

Chair of Appropriations Committee

NE Legislature, ex-officio

Dr. Phillip James Vuchetich

Pharmacy Consultant

Felicia Quintana-Zinn

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

Individual with experience with the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Current vacant positions:

  • Dentist

If you are interested in serving on the HIT Board in one of the positions that is not yet filled, please fill out this form and follow the instructions for submission.