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Connecting care teams for a healthier Nebraska

Healthcare organizations across Nebraska are making the CyncHealth connection to get fast access to valuable data, improve patient care, and enhance efficiency. 

Improve patient outcomes

CyncHealth is the state designated health information exchange (HIE) for Nebraska. With near-universal participation in the state, CyncHealth makes accessing patient information and records seamless to put the flow back in your workflow, support safe, effective, high-quality care, and improve patient outcomes. 

We’re powering community care across Nebraska for the common good. Who participates with CyncHealth in Nebraska?

Connect Nebraska​

A robust health data utility, CyncHealth enhances the value of conversations happening at all levels of healthcare across the state. It breaks down care silos, improving collaboration between providers and delivering access to vital health information—without the barriers your organization may have experienced in the past.

With a comprehensive query-based history of all dispensed medications in Nebraska, the CyncHealth platform also offers a valuable tool to aid in the medication reconciliation process, as well as insight into care gaps. In addition to clinical care coordination, CyncHealth enables healthcare and social care providers to address social needs and improve health across communities through enhanced care coordination and delivery across Nebraska.

Designed for providers. Built for better health.

With near real-time access to patient data from hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and individual providers across the state, CyncHealth improves coordination of patient care, reduces administrative burdens, and supports your teams in their practice of care delivery. 

With CyncHealth, you can:

  • Improve patient outcomes with the right information at the point of care.
  • Enhance care coordination and delivery through a powerful referral network.
  • Leverage value-add services including quality monitoring and reporting.
  • Reduce unnecessary costs and protect your hospital’s financial solvency.
  • Reduce administrative burden on clinicians and other hospital staff.
Let’s achieve our shared goal of a healthier Nebraska—together.