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Quality Reporting


Qualified Entity Certification Program

The QECP is a CMS program for approved organizations (qualified entities [QEs]) that allows them to use Medicare claims data (Parts A, B, and D) to help evaluate provider performance. CyncHealth is a quasi-QE which enables the use of our existing clinical data for evaluation until claims data is ingested. Upon meeting the QE standard for claims ingestion CyncHealth will move to full QE and have access to Medicare claims.

The Value

CyncHealth’s ability to ingest and manage claims data demonstrates compliance with data security and privacy requirements of the CMS program. Claims data allows analytical insights into healthcare spend to align with current information on quality and access to care.

Facilities/providers and payers


Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) and Qualified Registry designations come from CMS. CyncHealth has achieved and maintains these certifications to CMS standards to support our providers and health systems that participate in Medicare Quality Payment Programs.  These designations allow CyncHealth to report to CMS on behalf of a requesting provider or entity. Examples of these programs are ACO measures and Primary Care First.

The Value

To remove the burden of reporting to CMS by providing a trusted partner with the right CMS designations to meet the need.
"As an approved Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) CyncHealth was looking for an affordable consulting company to assist with quality measure development. CyncHealth partnered with SEA Healthcare and found their expertise, guidance, and attention to detail invaluable. Our consultant guided us through the process of measure development, proofread documents, and provided feedback, ultimately supporting CyncHealth’s success in obtaining approval for our Transportation Insecurity measure for 2022. We appreciated SEA Healthcare’s subject matter expertise, and CyncHealth recommends SEA Healthcare for assistance with quality measure development."
Jaime Bland,
President & CEO


Data Aggregator Validation Program

DAV certification from NCQA that approves data streams into the HIE to be utilized for payer reporting.

The Value

Payers can ingest this data directly as standard supplemental data eliminating the need to obtain the records from the providers or facilities individually.

HIE or other data facilitating entity

Certified Data Partner

Certification from NCQA that will allow CyncHealth to consult and support other entities wanting to successfully obtain the Data Aggregator Validation (DAV) certification for their data streams.

The Value

CyncHealth can support other like entities to be successful in the program leading to a successful ingestion by their local payers.