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Elevate patient care with real-time e-notifications

A community is only as healthy as its most vulnerable patients. Support better outcomes for every patient with event notifications.

Give providers the data they need to provide timely, accurate care

CyncHealth’s event notifications services (ENS)—powered by Collective Medical—enables hospitals to fulfill the CMS mandate of sending ADT notifications to primary care providers, which helps to coordinate and improve follow-up care.

Its near real-time updates give you the tools you need to respond to at-risk patients in their time of need, better control readmissions, and drive care team action to support the best health outcomes.

With ENS from CyncHealth, it’s easier than ever to break down the barriers to quality care for all.
Trusted ENS Solution

A comprehensive solution for secure, compliant event notifications

CyncHealth’s trusted ENS solution seamlessly delivers the required event notifications that determine CMS reimbursement and manages the complexities of data-sharing.

With CyncHealth’s ENS hospitals and providers can:

  • Guarantee Conditions of Participation (CoP) compliance
  • Alleviate compliance and data-sharing burdens
  • Minimize unnecessary ED utilization
  • Reduce unnecessary workups
  • Streamline care for quicker visits
  • Accelerate care coordination
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Increase cost saving for patients and providers

CyncHealth helps you seamlessly coordinate care to protect your patients’ health and your hospital’s solvency.

Reduce IT complexity and offload the burden of event notifications.