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Extending patient care beyond traditional healthcare

CyncHealth’s SDOH solution, powered by Unite Us, is here to help you care for your patients on their journey to and through healthcare.

Impacting patients' lives

Caring for your patients and supporting the best health outcomes goes beyond the medical services you provide. That’s why CyncHealth offers a powerful platform to help you address the social determinants that directly and indirectly impact patients’ health every day.

Connecting health to social care

With CyncHealth, SDOH data is shared seamlessly, privately, and securely through a powerful, multi-state community information exchange (CIE), enhancing care coordination and delivery, and allowing you to better serve your most vulnerable patients.

By connecting healthcare with social care, you meet patients where they are, when they need support the most.

Strengthen collaboration to address SDOH

CyncHealth’s SDOH platform allows you to bring together healthcare with social service care, engage community members, track outcomes, and send and receive referrals so that people in need are connected to the best programs.

With CyncHealth’s SDOH exchange you can:

  • Screen for social needs to address barriers to care and increase health equity.
  • Easily refer and connect your patients to local services they need.
  • Improve collaboration with a wide array of community partners.
  • Track the outcomes of all referrals and services delivered.
  • Improve capacity through accurate referrals and data on local service delivery.
  • Connect people in need with resources including food, housing, transportation, mental health support, state benefits, and employment services.

Looking for help?

If you or someone you know is in need of services, find help by visiting the self-referral link below:

Let’s achieve our shared goal of healthy communities together.