CyncHealth Iowa Seeks Innovators to Help Improve Healthcare in Iowa

CyncHealth Iowa Seeks Innovators to Help Improve Healthcare in Iowa

March 29, 2024


Dear Health Information Champion, 

CyncHealth Iowa, the designated statewide health information exchange, is excited to announce the new Provider Portal! To ensure we are furthering the foundation of health data interoperability, we are forming a stakeholder initiative to gain feedback from customers to optimize the Provider Portal. As part of our commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare solutions, we are reaching out to you for your participation and support in this work to further the interoperability foundation in Iowa. 

During 2023, the CyncHealth Iowa Board of Directors made the strategic decision to develop a platform designed for clinicians. This platform will serve as a vital tool for healthcare professionals across Iowa, enabling them to access important patient data to enhance the quality of care provided. With Provider Portal Phase One already developed and demonstrated to the Board, we are now embarking on the next phase of our journey: harnessing the power of customer voice through the formation of the Provider Portal User Group.

We are looking for dedicated volunteers to join this group, which will consist of 12-20 members from diverse backgrounds and expertise. We are seeking representation from both rural and urban areas, including hospitals, clinics, health systems, and private practices. Professionals from various disciplines, such as physicians, nurses, social workers, care managers, informatics specialists, and those from related fields, are encouraged to participate.

To ensure widespread participation, we have created the nomination form below, which is accessible from March 29 to April 10. Please complete the form and share this page with individuals whom you believe would be interested and would make valuable contributions to the group.

Selected members will be notified on or before April 19 and will be expected to attend three virtual workshops scheduled for the first week of May, early June, and late July. These workshops, anticipated to last 90 minutes each, will require approximately a few hours of work between sessions over three months. During the workshops, members will have the opportunity to provide insights, review the Provider Portal, and engage in discussions to identify likes, needs and areas for enhancements. 

The Provider Portal User Group’s success hinges on its members’ active participation and collaboration. Your expertise and feedback will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our health data sharing in Iowa, ultimately enhancing patient care.

We are thrilled about the prospect of collaborating with you and fellow healthcare professionals in the Provider Portal User Group, where your customer voice will be at the forefront of our efforts to ensure that our solutions truly meet the needs of those on the frontline of patient care.

Thank you for your consideration and support. 

CyncHealth Iowa

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