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Participation agreements & patient info

Over the last two years, the healthcare industry has seen significant changes.

To ensure that CyncHealth is staying up to date with changing regulations and prepared for advancements in Interoperability and more, we’ve updated the terms of our Participation Agreement. CyncHealth, as an organization, has also grown and matured. Considering these things, our agreements required updating. There were other considerations for updating, including:

  • Consistency between states;
  • Eliminating redundancies throughout the agreement;
  • Updates to reflect new operational and privacy & security practices;
  • Adjusting language to meet frequent points of negotiation with Participants.

Standard Terms Policy

We’re unable to make any changes to our standard customer terms. If you consider our pricing model, that we operate as a 501(c)(3), our broad participation across multiple states, and the costs of creating and managing individual agreements with each of our participants, you can begin to understand our position. Maintaining standard terms with all of our participants allows us to focus our resources on meeting our obligations under these agreements and providing safe and secure access to data that empowers building healthier communities. We have carefully authored the terms of the agreement to be fair to both you and us, while steadfastly protecting patient data through the System and complying with the law.

Patient Information

Participants are responsible for providing notice to patients that their information is being shared with the state designated health information exchange; here are materials to help provide that notice:

We’re powering community care across Nebraska for the common good. Who participates with CyncHealth in Nebraska?

Suggested Patient Notice

As a reminder pursuant to the CyncHealth Governing Principles and Policies each Participant in CyncHealth must adequately educate patients on CyncHealth, including the ability to opt-out of CyncHealth and the opt-out process. Those Participants that have facilities participating in Iowa and Nebraska should advise patients interested in opting out of CyncHealth that submission of the opt-out form will apply to both Nebraska and Iowa. to submit a separate opt-out form for each state.  Each Participant must ensure that the Participant’s Notice of Privacy Practices (“Notice”) is updated to facilitate this education process. Participants shall individually determine whether their current Notice requires amendment to reflect their contemplated uses and disclosure of PHI or PII through the System. CyncHealth provides the suggested language for Participants who elect to amend their Notice.

doctor consulting patient
doctor holding medicine pill

Suggested Update to Notice of Privacy Practices

We have chosen to participate in the CyncHealth a regional health information exchange (“HIE”) serving Iowa and Nebraska. As permitted by law, your protected health information is available electronically through an electronic health information exchange to other health care providers that request your information for their treatment, payment, or health care operations purposes and to participating health plans that request your information for their payment and health care operations. In all cases, the requesting provider or health plan must have or have had a relationship with you. You have the right to opt out of sharing your protected health information through CyncHealth by completing and submitting an opt-out form downloaded at

Suggested Update to NPP Acknowledgement Page

We participate in the CyncHealth a regional health information exchange (“HIE”) to share your medical records with your other healthcare providers and for other limited reasons. You have rights to limit how your medical information is shared. We encourage you to read our Notice of Privacy Practices and find more information about CyncHealth medical record-sharing policies at

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