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The right information at the point of care—every time

CyncHealth’s HIE provides fast access to valuable data when it’s needed most.

More information, better care

The more relevant patient information you have, the more effectively you can treat the individual—resulting in smooth transitions of care that cater to the patient’s needs and support a seamless, cost-effective patient experience.

That’s why CyncHealth is focused on improving coordination among providers by ensuring care teams have the right information at every point of care.

How it helps

Improve patient care

As a CyncHealth participant, you can better care for your patients with instant access to comprehensive and longitudinal health history from participating facilities across the continuum of care including:

  • Patient encounter-level reports
  • Clinical history
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Laboratory results
  • Diagnostics
  • Medication history

Quality monitoring & reporting

Because healthy communities need thriving healthcare organizations and supported care teams, CyncHealth’s health information exchange (HIE) also provides value-add services that include quality monitoring and reporting to help your organization achieve payment incentives, while reducing administrative burden.

With CyncHealth, you can take value-based care to the next level.

Breaking down care silos for better patient outcomes

CyncHealth enables healthcare organizations to leverage both individual medical records and community-wide public health data to support healthier patients and healthier communities.

  • Better manage chronic conditions
  • Get a comprehensive view of your patient at any time
  • Monitor emergency department utilization
  • Improve medication management
  • Deploy proactive population health interventions
  • Enhance care coordination and delivery
  • Coordinate with long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) providers to enable smooth transitions of care
  • Improve health outcomes
  • Provide a better experience for patients and providers
CyncHealth’s technology puts the flow in workflow, making it easier for care teams to access the data they need, when they need it.