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Your solution for synchronizing healthcare data

Taking whole person care to the next level to improve patient outcomes and reduce unnecessary costs.

We believe that the best patient care doesn’t happen in a vacuum. That’s why our comprehensive platform is designed to enable seamless, real-time care coordination for healthcare organizations across the Midwest.

A public health data utility built for how care teams practice. CyncHealth has one goal: to support better care and better health for all. 

Whole person care

The powerful connector that allows you to do what you do best: care for your community.

Our end-to-end solution ensures access to the right information at the point of care as well as prescription drug monitoring and event notifications to keep you up-to-the-minute on your patients’ health. With CyncHealth, you also have the ability to meaningfully address social determinants of health in order to care for your most vulnerable patients at their time of need.

Better manage chronic conditions

Monitor emergency department utilization

Improve medication management

Deploy proactive population health interventions

Healthy outdoor lifestyle

Solutions that help you coordinate better care with connected health data


(Health Information Exchange)

Enhance care coordination and delivery through a powerful, multi-state electronic referral network, in partnership with InterSystems.


(Prescription Drug Monitoring Program)

Gain access to a comprehensive medication history tool to improve reconciliation and address care gaps. 


(Social Determinants of Health)

Identify gaps in services and proactively address barriers to care and increase healthy equity in your community.


(Event Notification System)

Get real-time notifications whenever and wherever patients receive care to better respond to at-risk patients in times of need.


Improve data quality and standardization for complete longitudinal health record and improved reporting.

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